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Guinness Rishi : The Motivating Indian Who is Holding 74 World Records

Original Name - Har Parkash Born On - July 7, 1942 Aim - Demonstrating that his goal is setting new Guiness records. WORLD RECORDS ALREADY BROKEN/CREATED 1- Longest He na Tattoo 63 ft. 2574 Links one hr. Created by Ms. Juhi 16-08-09 2- 755 Drinking straws of 5mm. outer dia in mouth (after removing all teeth) 3- Longest distance Domino Pizza Hand delivered 12,431 KM. on 10th sep. 2001 from New Delhi to 4- Ripley’s museum, san Francisco, U.S.A. 5- Non-Stop scooter riding 30,965 km. in 1001 hrs. by 3 riders. 6- Longest will of the world 489 pages 1,04,567 characters 6- Oldest adoptee 61 years 7 Months 22 days 7- Longest lease of the world 8- Shortest will of Bimla Rishi 9- Longest Domain Name 10- Longest URL of 71 Characters 11- Smallest Holding Half by Half Inch 12- Smallest Greeting Card 4 mm long, 2mm wide 13- Smallest Holy Book Quran 14- Tallest Sugar cube Tower 15- Smallest Will engraved on one inch Brass Disc, 499 characters 16- Son’s Wedding smallest invitation card He i