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Palam Kalyanasundaram : Man of the Millenium

“Everything is a state of mind. Finally, what do we take with us when we leave planet earth?” 73-year-old Tamil Nadu librarian donated Rs 30 crore to the uneducated poor This man, an Indian, received "Man of the Millennium" from an American organization. The reason they awarded will put to shame many of the celebrities who are treated as demi-gods in India. Kalyanasundaram, has donated his entire salary in his whole lifetime to the welfare of the society for various social causes ranging from child welfare to free hand donations . He used to do laundry and server jobs for his daily needs. He is unmarried and also donated his family share to various social causes. He donated the entire amount which he got with the award also to the underprivileged. And Just for facts, the amount was 30 crores.