Robert Mfune : A Chai Wala Who Became a Millionaire in 3 Years

How many of you are doing part time jobs and just whiling away your time after your shift is over? If you are doing so, you really need some serious inspiration from Robert Mfune.

Yes, he is the one who turned from a McDonald’s worker to a millionaire in just 3 years and that too at a very young age of 19. Want to hear his inspiring story? Well, read on…

Robert chose 2 part time jobs in Southampton, one was serving at McDonalds and the other was that of a teaboy in a finance firm.He used to work in shifts and manage both the jobs.

Hearing his job profiles you won’t even believe that he owns a gold wrapped Bentley worth £130,000, a house worth £130,000 and also a Range Rover. Eager to know his secret? It is just 2 words, ‘Binary Trading’, yes you heard it right.

While serving tea and fries, Robert made sure that he gets A-Z knowledge about trading. He learnt as much as he could and mastered the field.

He says that trading and managing both the jobs was the toughest part of his life. He adds

“It’s just like going to uni with the fees you pay and loans you take out, if you’re going to make it big you’ve got to suffer for a few years.”

When he was 17, he started trading in his room. The trading account was set up on the name of Susan, his mom. Then when Robert was 18, he met a guy who helped him with setting up an account under his name.

What happened 2 years after that?

Well, 2 years after trading, Robert started earning millions and started investing in houses and coffee shops in UK. Being a native of South Africa, he made some investments there too. Although the McDonald days are long gone, his yellow uniform is still framed on his office walls.

When asked about his car, Robert said
“When I was 18, I got a Bentley but when I was 19 I decided to get it wrapped in a gold body kit. I was going to get a different car every year but I thought why not just change my Bentley.I sent it to Kream Developments who gave it a custom body kit and wrapped it in gold. No-one has got this, it’s the only one in the country.”

Talking about people’s attitude towards him, MFune says

“Now that I’ve got this though, I’ve got a complete different group of friends. The people who used to see me at the bottom are the same people who are seeing me at the top so of course they’re going to change."